At Svendsen Jewellery we believe in minimalism. Minimal design, minimal lifestyle and, more importantly, minimal impact on the environment. Our aim is to be as ethically and environmentally responsible as we can. All Svendsen Jewellery is designed and handcrafted in Bristol using either 925 sterling silver (Fairmined or Ecosilver where possible) or 18kt Fairtrade/Fairmined Gold.’

Fairtrade Gold

Fairtrade Gold gives miners the deal they deserve for the work they they do. Without it, miners are often exploited by traders, and left in poverty. By paying a little more for Fairtrade Gold, you're investing in these miner's lives, their communities and their futures.

Find out more at the Fairtrade Foundations website.

Recycled gold and silver

By buying recycled gold and/or silver, you reduce the impact that gold and silver mining has on the environment.

Ethically sourced gemstones

Unfortunately, there is currently no such thing as Fairtrade gemstones. However, what we can do is source ethical gemstones from suppliers with transparent and certified supply chains--allowing us to trace each stone back to its source. This allows us to choose gemstones that are mined in a fair and environmentally-friendly way.