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Tanngard pt2 spring.jpg

Tanngard. Pt 2

Part two of a series of mini collections, constructed around, and influenced by, the linear scenery of northern Norway. Focusing on the dramatic landscape of Djevelens Tanngard, Senja. Dramatic sleek lines with a touch of femininity. Available in a variety of ethical materials, detailed subtly with ethically sourced gemstones.

Our new collection is offered in silver, 9K Fairmined gold, 18K Fairmined yellow gold and 18K Fairmined white gold. We have moved away from gold plating as a conscious decision to decrease the impact our jewellery and production has on the environment.

For us, minimalism is not only about aesthetics, but also as a way of living. Svendsen Jewellery strongly believes that we all need to do our part to minimise our impact on the natural world.