Currently based in Bristol, United Kingdom — Norwegian-born designer and maker Stine Ingvoldstad Svendsen has a passion for minimal design. Despite having lived in various corners of the world, Stine's jewellery distinctively returns to her Norwegian roots.

Stine trained at the prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, where she developed the skills and techniques which she uses today.

After a short break in jewellery making (brought about by the birth of her first son), Stine has now launched her debut collection, Iskoras.



Svendsen Jewellery is inspired by the natural curves and lines of the body. While some shapes juxtapose these natural lines, others compliment them. Done in a minimal style, the result is jewellery that celebrates the human form.


Svendsen Jewellery touches on the sleek and minimal lines that Scandinavia is famous for. This minimalism is constructed around, and influenced by, the shapes and contours of the rugged Norwegian landscape.


Our jewellery is carefully thought-out and designed, before being hand-crafted in the workshop. Each piece is made to order, giving us the flexibility to adjust jewellery according to your personal requirements.