Why buy bespoke?

Whether you’re buying for yourself or as a gift, finding the perfect piece of jewellery can sometimes feel like an impossible task. Despite the amount of creative, beautiful, jewellery out there, sometimes you just can’t get exactly what you want.

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Stars collide

Recent astronomical discoveries has finally provided the answer to the long quest of how gold and platinum is created and can be found deep in the earth. An answer that gives gold a whole new meaning.

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Stine IngvoldstadComment
The ethical cost of gold

It’s worth reminding yourself occasionally that every ounce of gold, silver, or any other metal you choose to wear was, at one point, mined from the earth. And it’s worth knowing that this mining process can be extremely destructive.

The question is: where does that leave us in the jewellery business? And you as a conscientious jewellery buyer?

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